April 1, 2019 Nicole’s Beauty Corner

Nicole’s Beauty Corner

I’m really liking Clarins new plant-based skincare line for 18 to 29 year-olds “My Clarins” is a new line of ethical, plant-based skincare products featuring fruits, floral waters and plant extracts with a host of beneficial properties: this is the healthy cocktail devised by Clarins.
Its basic elements are coconut water and Alpine rose extracts, two complementary ingredients which nourish the skin and have a remedial effect on cells.
The products feature extracts from a variety of other plants, including arbutus, acerola, moringa, fig, goji berries, meadowsweet and karité.
They have several hydrating creams (one of them for a matte effect), skin cleansers (one of them a micellar lotion), a hydrating beauty mist, a night-time mask, a pore-perfecting mattifying eraser and a cream for skin imperfections.

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