September 1, 2017


Hola Everyone! I have always been the centre of the stage and the life of the party! Venezuelan born I am a tiny ball of energy. I left Caracas at 9 months of age straight to Miami where my Mother and Father met and fell in love. In Kendall, I was known to sing to the little ducks in my diapers, hence her very first present was a microphone and recorder from Fisher Price. At age two we moved to Rio de Janiero, Brazil. The city of music dance carnival and laughter. This is when I started theatre from home dressing up and then onto being the star child actor in the community plays. My first play was Gigi! I also sang in choirs, danced in every contest, and won each time. From Brazil I moved to Tokyo, Japan stayed there for four years and joined the American Musical Theatre Group then I moved to Hong Kong and choreographed a West Side Story play. I then went on to Geneva, Switzerland, to Italy and then to London where I sang everywhere including the Jazz Café of Camden. I also studied at a conservatory in the UK and have a degree in Jazz Vocals. So, as a good Miamian and a Latina I was starting to miss my Caribbean roots. I was home sick as Miami was always home base. When I moved back to Miami I jumped right into the scene any chance I got I would dance away in a music video or sing my heart out over DJ’s all over South Beach. I have performed at great events for Art Basel and more. Recently I was the protagonist actor in a Latin show on Telemundo. Who knows what more is to come for me, but I’ll tell you this I am not giving up. My two big goals are to make it onto a Broadway Play as I have already done off Broadway around the world and also to get on a Block Buster as a lead actress. My ambition, talents and focus goes without saying that this Latina American was born to do this!!

Quote by Marilyn Monroe: Everyone’s a Star and deserves the right to twinkle. 954-924-CAST 2278 / 305-940-STAR 7827 TA LICENSE NBR. 741 “STAR CATCHER”

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