Septiembre 30, 2017

Chile en Nogada

Chef Luis Cauich, Sedona Grill Marriott Cancun

This is an outstanding dish that’s actually low carb and so tasty!

(1 portion) INGREDIENTS:
1 Chile Poblano (poblano pepper)

5 gr. Ground Beef

3 gr. Dried Fruits

½ Finely chopped Garlic Clove

2 gr. Tomato paste

½ glass of white wine

2 gr. Walnut

7 oz. Nogada SAouce

5 gr. Pomegranate

5 gr. Pine Nuts

7 oz. cream

5 gr. Walnuts

¼- glass of wine

Salt and peper

Blend all the ingredients. You can serve this sauce at room temperature or warm a bit but do not boil.


Poach the poplano pepper until the peel comes out easily at rubbing, then cut along the chile in order to remove the main central of it (devein it.) On a hot pan fry the garlic, ground beef, walnuts and dried fruits, once the mix gets cooked add tomato paste and ½ glass of white wine, cook until the liquids reduce. Add salt and pepper. Fill the poblano pepper with the cooked mix, cover with nogada sauce and garnish with pomegranate and pine nuts.

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