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¡Hola a todos!
Mi nombre es Eda y resido en Miami desde hace 11 años y me encanta aquí. La gente, el clima, la naturaleza, la música increíble, el arte y la cultura– me hacen sonreír cada día. Empecé a modelar como un hobby a los 17 años y me encanta. Además de eso, estoy manejando el negocio de mi familia, (mármol / pisos) y trabajo los con diseñadores.

Soy graduada en psicología de la Universidad St. Thomas. Actualmente, estoy aprendiendo y practicando el español. Me encanta bailar. Yo fui bailarina durante siete años. Amo la música latina por eso la Florida es un lugar muy especial para mí y realmente disfrutar de este paraíso.
Hi Everyone!
My name is Eda. I have been living in Miami for 11 years and just love it here. The people, the climate, nature, amazing music, art and culture make me smile every day. I started modeling as a hobby at 17 and I love it. Besides that, I am running my family business, (marble/flooring) and working with special designers.

I have graduated as a psychology major from Saint Thomas University. Currently, I am learning and practicing Spanish. I love to dance. I was a ballerina for seven years. I Love the Latin music as well! Florida is a very special place for me and I truly enjoy Paradise here.
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 MODEL musicians of the month

“viva mas” january 2015  

Kraz (First Tenor) Eli (Second Tenor) Raul (Baritone-Tenor)

Michael (Baritone) Eric (Bass)     

Viva Mas – a real group of guys that put themselves together from the streets of Philadelphia, where family and faith are paramount, where Spanish is often spoken and people sing from the heart!

“We put everything in our music – everything we are.” says, Raul.  Michael adds, “We’re a real group of guys, singing and feeling every word. “We love to sing and believe if you work hard you can fulfill your dreams – no matter what they might be.”

Lots of hard work, sacrifice and struggle bring Viva Mas to where they are today – working with the producers who brought us Jon Secada, Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias and more; Viva Mas distinguishes themselves with rich harmonies and passionate Latin rhythms.

From a cappella to orchestral, from Spanish to English and back again — Look out for their new music! Want Mas?  Viva Mas! Happy New Year!


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Elio5 Elio4



Hello and Happy Holidays! My name is Elio I was born and raised in Trani Italy. Dreams have a price; a price that can sometimes be much higher than you expected. When I made the decision to pursue my dreams as a fitness model I had to leave behind everything that was important to me: friends, family and love. At the age of 18 I started studying acting and cinematography in Bologna, Italy while I worked as a personal trainer (my every day job). During this time I enjoyed participating in a few local films, but was also approached with my first modeling opportunity. I modeled for a men’s underwear catalog, followed with fashion shootings for various Italian brands which eventually led to working as a fitness model for Duemila Magazine. Having found a passion for fitness modeling and being driven by the desire to challenge myself, I left my country with the determination to chase and fulfill my dreams at any cost. I now live in Miami where I’ve started taking the first steps towards my goal doing print advertising for men’s underwear, as a fitness model and occasionally acting in small roles for Telemundo and Venevision. Some of my recent work includes a commercial for AT & T and winning the largest amount of votes that has taken me to the next stage of a contest to be “Mr. Duntless”, a men’s fashion line out of Washington, DC. My main focus right now is to prepare for the NPC men’s physique competition, which is my next big step towards my goal of being one of the best fitness models in the US.

Today I reside in Miami Beach and dedicate my life to motivating others to overcome their insecurities and fears by helping them transform their bodies, led by the power of the mind.

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Hola  Happy Thanksgiving! My name is Cindy. I am a professional Actress, Dancer, Host and Reality TV Star.  I am a native to Miami and come from an American and Latin background working in both the Spanish and English markets. The inception of my career was when I was “hand-picked” by the NBA to dance for the Miami Heat and subsequently for the Miami Dolphins  as a Cheerleader in the NFL. I has shared the big screen alongside the legendary Tom Cruise, Robert Downy, Jr., Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Kevin Hart and Steve Buscemi. I have appeared in over thirty National Commercials for major brands such as Disney, Got Milk, Subway, Ford, Apple, and HTC. 

I appeared as a television host for a major network programming. I have interviewed  Kim Kardashian, Justin Long, Russell Brand, SeanV and many more celebrity figures in Hollywood.  I have a recurring role for the number one worldwide Latin TV Show Sabado Gigante and have guest starred on many Telemunda Novelas.  I have danced for Alejandro Sans, Ne-Yo, Flo-rida, Jennifer Hudson and the feature film Step Up 4.

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Hola mi nombre es Eliza y soy un mescla de descendencia española / asiática / mediterránea.
Quiero decirles que soy una profesional consumada. Siempre estoy buscando una hermosa foto no sólo para mí, sino porque me encanta hacer sonreír a la gente. Me gusta crear el ambiente ideal para captar el momento perfecto en un instante.
También estoy trabajando en proyectos en ambos lados del Atlántico, incluyendo Inglaterra y Europa y por eso estoy dispuesta a mirar opciones de modelaje en esas áreas. He visitado, Inglaterra, Escocia, Gales, España, Francia, Checoslovaquia, Portugal, Holanda, Bélgica, Irlanda, Filipinas, Japón, China, Brasil, Perú, Argentina, Grecia, Italia (Venecia y Roma)
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Hello my name is Eliza I am mix of Spanish/Asian/Mediterranean decent.
I like to describe myself as the consummate professional, always striving for the beautiful pictorial not just for myself but because I love to make people smile. I love to create the perfect ambiance to catch that perfect moment in a snap shot of time.
I am also currently spending time on projects on both sides of the Atlantic including England and Europe so I am always willing to look at modeling options in those areas. I have visited, England, Scotland, Wales, Spain, France, Czechoslovakia, Portugal, Holland, Belgium, Ireland, Philippines, Japan, China, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Greece, Italy (Venice & Rome)
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