July 1, 2020

Covid-19 Legal Issues

The coronavirus will have lasting legal implications on our society. Legal experts, attorneys. P.J. Mitchell and Spencer West of Mitchell & West, LLC. discuss some important topics during these pandemic times.

P.J. Mitchell


From my perspective, I deal with people from all walks of life and every type of jobs–from physicians to clerical workers to business professionals that have been affected by the closures.

“Millions of people, unfortunately, are looking to figure out not only how they’re going to meet their obligations at home, but also meet their legal obligations and in my practice, whether it’s paying alimony, child support, attorneys fees, it’s difficult because people have legal and financial obligations by court order and they are going to have a difficult time meeting those obligations. The courts are going to have to figure out ways to furnish both temporary and permanent methods until they get back on their feet again.

Family court is a court of equity and they’re going to be tasked with the position of giving people temporary relief that may turn into longer than

temporary relief. If somebody does not have the ability to pay something through no fault of their own, there’s going to have to be provisions and the courts are going have to take steps, not only protect the person who has the financial obligation, but also on the flip side,those relying on receiving that money for child support, alimony or whatever the obligation is and that’s going to be an issue as well.”


On Medical Malpractice:

“I think what you are seeing at least in the personal injury world is an uptick in the cases being filed and I think that will continue at least through the rest of this year. I don’t think we can see a balancing out of that until next year around this time.

What you are also going to see is an uptick in nursing homes being sued. The way I would probably craft the complaint is violations of protocols, policies, and procedures, which

Spencer West

is a negligence count. You already see some lawyers advertising for those complaints now on television, radio and social media.

Mitchell & West LLC is a full-service litigation lawfirmthatwasfoundedbyP.J.Mitchelland Spencer D. West and their areas of expertise include Criminal Defense, Family Law, and Personal injury.

The firm has won many high-profile cases and is currently litigating a major lawsuit against the YMCA for a sexual assault on a 5-year old autistic boy in their after-school program.

“It’s an important case for a lot of different reasons. You need to get justice for this young mother, and it can affect this little boy for the rest of his life. There’s no amount of money in these types of cases that we handle, whether it’s wrongful death, or sexual assault that can ever make someone feel whole again,” P.J. Mitchell passionately explains.

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