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Peruvian Women’s Swimwear company Aguaclara rocked Miami Swim Week with their exotic and sophisticated swimwear The FUNKSHION tent was buzzing with excitement as the brand debuted their 2018 collection. Creative Director, Liliana Villalobos, wanted to create a collection that would seduce and surprise the spirit. Drawing inspiration from her Amazon roots, Villalobos masterfully blends a […]

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La diseñadora venezolana Lisu Vega ha transformado su propuesta en las pasarelas en su más reciente colección “Resistencia” para darles voz a los jóvenes de su país que llevan más de 3 meses en las calles exigiendo un cambio en la dirección de la nación suramericana. El aire combativo de cada pieza representa el punto […]

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Inauguración de unidad de lujo en 1 Hotels and Homes Se llevó a cabo la inauguración de la espectacular unidad 1612 del proyecto Inmobiliario de exclusivas residencias 1 Hotel and Homes. Fue una tarde brasileña acompañada con caipiriñas y música al estilo Bossa Nova en vivo, en la gran celebración en honor a Artefacto, famosa […]

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For his very first “Pre-fall” collection, GEORGES HOBEIKA expresses the strength of his designing craftsmanship and the delicacy of his stylistic signature through a masterful interpretation of his favorite creative inspiration: nature. While fauna and flora grow in symbolic metamorphosis alongside the butterfly, golden thread animates exquisite variations of multi-colored patterns. These images stand out […]

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For his very first “Pre-fall” collection, GEORGES HOBEIKA expresses the strength of his designing craftsmanship and the delicacy of his stylistic signature through a masterful interpretation of his favorite creative inspiration: nature. These images stand out vividly on aerial fabrics, as thin as the graceful Lepidoptera wings. Wings in flight scale transparent fabrics and are […]

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The beginning of a New Year is the perfect time to enhance the flow of chi (life force or spiritual energy), and to create harmonious environments that support health, beckon wealth and invite happiness and positive vibes to your home for 2017! If you haven’t applied Feng Shui principals to your house yet, let’s get […]

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La semana de arte ha culminado otra edición exitosamente con más de 77,000 visitantes en Art Basel y cifras similares registradas en las galerías Art Miami y Context. Las áreas de Miami Beach, Midtown, Wynwood, Design District y hasta Miami River también han tenido un gran flujo de turistas, coleccionistas y artistas ávidos para concurrir […]

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