September 1, 2020 Nicole´s Beauty Corner

Nicole´s Beauty Corner

Eye Makeup Trends

This 2020 definitely hasn’t gone as planned. The one thing that’s boosting my mood is bold colors, especially for the eyes. Instead of letting your top lash line have all the fun, line your lower lashes with either the same color or a lighter shade than the one that’s on top.


Over powder eyeshadows looks just as great as any sultry smokey eye and it takes half the time. Add a few dots of eye gloss right above your lash line, then use your finger to blend it up toward your crease. As far as the neon trend goes, instead of sweeping a neon shadow over your entire lid, try tapping a neon shade into the corners of your eyes for a quick hint of color.
Pastel eyeliner is a quick and easy way to add a subtle touch of color to your eyes without going overboard.

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