December 1, 2019


Full and fluffy brows are on-trend, and soap is the easiest way to achieve the look, especially if you don’t have fluffy brows by nature.

As far as technique goes, little time nor effort is required with soap brows. All you need is a mascara spoolie and a bar of soap. You simply pass the spoolie over the soap, then brush it through your brows to give them the prettiest feathered texture.

If you want a more dramatic effect, simply go over your soap-coated hairs with your tinted product of choice — like a powder or pencil.

You will have more control of hair placement if you apply the soap in thin layers.

With more sparse or thin brows, you might have to add some more color to them to make them look full and feathery and the barer the base the better.

Keep in mind that Glycerin soap’s relatively low pH prevents irritation, which is definitely something you need in a product you’re putting directly on your face.

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