October 1, 2019

The New Miami

The American Dream has always flourished in Miami, decades of foreign national inclusion have created a landscape of Art, Culture, and booming economic growth centered around Real estate expansion. New neighborhoods like Brickell and Edgewater have recently gentrified creating a new generation of professionals, and entrepreneurs flocking to Miami. The Blending of Old and New World philosophies in pursuit of The American Dream. Nancy Esteves our Editor-in-chief has embraced the change, recently collaborating with The American Dream Miami a dynamic new Real Estate and Lifestyle TV show featured Sundays on CBS Miami. The show which is national in scope features local real estate Industry professionals like Miami Legend Denise Rubin, and Brickell based Top Agent Karen Elmir. The show features Miami’s Top Agents, blending the Old and The New Miami through Real Estate and lifestyle. The recent collaboration between HL Magazine, and The American Dream epitomize the need for the integration of business models, and a paradigm shift in Media. Glenn Asher aka “The Title Guy,” and Justin Bush of Cardinal Financial Company co-host the show and have spearheaded the collaboration with Nancy Esteves. Native New Yorker, Glenn Asher and Kentucky native mortgage banker, Justin Bush epitomize the young and entrepreneurial minded professionals in The New Miami, bringing color to a classic relationship driven city in pursuit of The American Dream. Social and digital marketing combined with the Power of Print advertising has become the new norm for brand building and exposure. HL Magazine, and The American Dream will certainly be turning some heads this year, as they bring you the best in Miami through Real Estate, lifestyle and culture.

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