December 1, 2018 Aruba Art Fair Art, Fashion and Awareness

Aruba Art Fair Art, Fashion and Awareness

In the heart of the booming arts district of San Nicolas, the one-of-a-kind Aruba Art Fair gathered collectors and arts professionals to display a selection of modern and contemporary artworks.
The event blended art, fashion, and awareness on a variety of world issues from bullying to political oppression with hand-carried signs as a form of popular protest at the head of each designer catwalk during the fashion show.
With more than 25,000 visitors in the last 3 years, 8 projects and 40 murals created by artists from all over the world, the Aruba Art Fair offers a unique international experience in the Caribbean.

Thanks to Tito Bolivar, Diana Croes, Queen-Anne Bergen and Zilha Wever, Aishly Tromp, Alice Van Romondt’s, the Kate Spade organization and more than 60 volunteers, this event was made possible. Sponsors such as Divi Aruba hosted press and their beautiful resort and also displayed a pop-up restaurant at the event.

The Fashion Show:
A number of renowned local designers displayed their pieces while carrying a unique message on awareness. Some outstanding featured designers:
Maria Magdalena Gonzalez: Un Grito De Esperanza, was very striking and charged with emotion as the models wore Venezuelan flagstyled dresses with a backdrop that brought to life the political chaos happening today.
Osyth Henriquez: This highly talented artist and entrepreneur presented an elegant line of hand-painted elegant silk caftans, in pastel hues with an environmental message. Each piece carries a different message of saving our oceans.



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