July 10, 2016

AVOID A SUMMER BUMMER Hot dogs are only for bbq’s

Summer has arrived. It’s so humid I have to use extra conditioner to get rid of the Fido Frizzies. My Grand Dog had an AC business for many years we would die without AC. I have long hair. People shave their dog’s hair in the summer because they think they will be cooler but that is not so our fur works as insulation to keep us cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It’s fine to groom but not to shave. Shaving can lead to overheating. One thing we notice a lot when we take rides is how people walking their dogs have no of
how hot the pavement is for their dog’s poor little paw pads. Sidewalks and asphalt becomes scorching hot. The sand at the beach is
so hot here in the summer it’s funny to watch my Mom try to get to the water it’s like walking on hot coals. You could fry an egg on the pavement yet people don’t equate that with their pups paw pads and that’s where we sweat from.
We could die from heat stroke from a simple walk. May be safer to get one of those grassy pee wee pads. If we lived up North at least I could make yellow snow.
Wag Wag.
We get blisters too, you know we do have skin. Geez Louise! We also notice many people jog with their dogs in the Florida heat and don’t even bring something for their dog to drink out of. We dogs do get thirsty no one said bring Perrier water but we shouldn’t have to settle for a puddle. We heard this guy yelling at his dog to get up after the dog could not stand up anymore. My Mom ran across the street with ice cubes and water, luckily she recognized the dog was having heat stroke.
Every summer just like children us doggies die a slow horrible death when our pet parents leave us in the car while they go to the store. They think they are just going to be a minute and buy one item and then they wind up needing a cart and the next thing they know it’s an hour later. They can’t leave us in the car with the air on because someone will steal the car and their dog.
If they leave the windows open and the dog is a purebred like me don’t mean to brag, you know the dog will be stolen.
Even if it is 75 degrees outside inside the car the temperature rises to almost 100 degrees or more. Just imagine on a 95 degree day how hot the inside of a car gets. I think you would rather have hot dogs on a barbecue grill not the car grill.
In no time at all the temperature inside a car becomes hot as hell where your pet can wind up with major brain damage or die. Dogs only sweat through their paws and cool themselves by panting. If you see a dog or any pet in danger locked in a car call the police. If they are too slow to respond get a witness in the parking lot and do what is necessary to save the pet. Governor Rick Scott has
passed a bill making it legal to break into locked vehicles to rescue pets and provides immunity from civil liability from damage to a motor vehicle. Make sure the vehicle is actually locked. You must then call 911 after your break into the car and wait with the
person or pet. If the pet appears to be having heatstroke with heavy panting, is disoriented and very thirsty put them into a car with AC and then to a Vet ASAP. Give them a drink and pour water onto the dog’s chest to lower their body temperature. Don’t use ice water. If you are only going to be ten minutes leave your dog at home. Here are a couple of sad stories to leave you with a lasting
impression as to prevent this from happening to you.
A Vet tech said a Pet Parent’s dog he had left in the car for an hour in the shade with the window rolled halfway down on a 90 degree day brought his poor dead dog to the animal hospital. The dogs skin was blistered and falling off. It was the saddest thing she ever saw.
A retired Park Ranger arrested two guys who left their two Golden Retreives in their car on a sunny summer day while they went boating. The dogs were barely alive when he found them, he used a slim jim tool to open the doors and took the dogs to the water to cool them down. They were near death and died just as the boys came back to their car. They actually accused the Park Ranger of
killing them. They claimed the car was in the shade. They left their dogs for five hours. What a waste of two beautiful lives. They went to jail.



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