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CUBAN CLASSICAL BALLET OF MIAMI / GISELLE II ACT Jun 8 The Cuban Classical Ballet of Miami (CCBM), Artistic Director, Eriberto Jimenez, is presenting its annual Grand Gala Performance Giselle Act II, the most lyrical and breathtaking jewel of the famous 19th Century Romantic Ballets, featuring Cuban Prima Ballerina Lorena Feijoo next to Principal Dancers […]

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Fort Lauderdale Events

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Tampa Riverwalk Dine & Wine Tour  TILL December 26 Explore downtown Tampa’s amazing local independent restaurants on a food & wine tour.  We visit Oxford Exchange, Mise en Place, Malio’s Prime, Riversedge, TamPiz and Anise Global Gastropub for food and wine pairings and dessert and coffee. 3 hour walking tour with Tampa history narrative.  420 […]

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The Ultimate Masquerade Party 5/Premiere Orlando Jun 2– Jun 3 We Are taking you to the Old Havana this Year!!!!!!! *Havana Nights Edition* at Cuba Libre Orlando Nights only a few footsteps from the Show! This will be a Epic Party with all the bells and Whistles ie Balloon Drops , Co2 and more! We […]

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Best Palm Beach Events Calendar

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Little Flower Food & Wine Festival June 8 A night of food, wine, entertainment, family & friends. Kick off the summer with the 2nd Annual Little Flower Food & Wine Festival a truly culinary experience for the senses. Taste dishes from the United States, Spain, Italy, Cuba, Mediterranean, Polynesian Islands and even France.   Comber […]

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“Nuevo líder de la Medicina Estética en México” El Médico Venezolano con residencia en la Ciudad de México, con 18 años de experiencia y una especialidad en Medicina Estética en Definición Facial y Antienvejecimiento se ha convertido en un líder de la industria en su país. Con presencia exclusiva en Guadalajara, Ciudad de México y […]

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