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Having grown up in South Beach, I can truly appreciate the total transformation it has experienced for nearly three decades. Now “South of Fifth” has really flourished into a happening spot. A little quieter than the main hub of action, it’s an exclusive affluent neighborhood that has many new chic places to discover. BOUTIQUE ACCOMMODATIONS […]

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Owners Luz & Louis Pellegrino have created Florida’s first Ayurvedic center offering a complete range of services from traditional treatments based on India’s ancient healing system: Ayurveda. The center offers customized services for each client looking to promote balance, health, and wellbeing and has a Chopra Center Certified Instructor on site. They also offer yoga […]

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Traditional Roast turkey with a Latin flair When planning your holiday meal, why not give it a Latin twist this year. This delectable Latin-inspired turkey recipe will be a perfect way to bring great flavors and guests together for one spectacular bicultural celebration. Keep in mind lots of fresh garlic is the key to success […]

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Lo que comenzó como un hobby para Isa, ahora es su verdadera pasión. El fitness es un estilo de vida que la ha transformado por dentro y por fuera. Su meta es contagiar a la mayor cantidad de gente posible, para que se enamoren de este concepto para sus vidas. “Un cuerpo sano es el […]

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The Story   What inspired the creation of Sexy Ruby?   Sexy Ruby was inspired by the unique link between seduction and strength. And, of course, by the ruby itself. Glamorous, brilliantly faceted and mesmerizing—it’s the perfect symbol of powerful femininity.   How would you describe Sexy Ruby in three words?   Alluring, glamorous, seductive. […]

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SHENEL Hola and Happy Thanksgiving! I am a singer, songwriter, actress, dancer, and a model. I was born in Boston, MA. My Mother is Mexican and my Father is Puerto Rican. Since the day I was born I have dreamed of becoming a household name. I was born into a very musical family that inspired […]

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Ahora es posible tener un edredón que puede hacer la cama sola y controlar la temperatura individual de cada uno de sus lados, la responsable de esta cómoda creación es la empresa canadiense Smart Duvet. Smart Duvet, presentó un sistema inteligente que consta de una delgada funda conectada mediante una manguera a un dispositivo que […]

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