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January 6, 2017


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January 1, 2017

FengShui your home

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Creating the Ultimate Valentine’s Day Bed
By: Deborah Rosenberg www.DiMareDesign.com

Valentines Day is just around the corner. It’s a great excuse to fire up the passion. Although some would say that every day should be filled with fire.

Read on if you’re interested in designing the sexiest, most luxurious bed for Valentines Day.

The bed is going to be on the floor, any type of floor. It can be on the sand at the beach, your patio (watch out for neighbors), in your living room or even in your own bedroom if privacy is an issue. The idea is to shake it up a bit, do something new and exciting.

Find as many blankets as you can to create a soft, plush bed bottom that will be about 5 x 7’, imagine the size of a queen bed. Place the darkest sheet you own, a black silky one would be great, on top of the bed and tuck the sheet corners under the bed bottom to keep the sheet in place. Casually throw a comfy blanket or a large throw (preferably dark as well), on top of the sheet. Gather 5 or 6 pillows and cover in dark pillowcases if you have. Arrange like a comfy pyramid; 3 on the bottom, 2 in the middle and one on top. If you have extra pillows, arrange a few on the bottom of the bed as well.

Now the bed details. Place flowers and petals all around the perimeter of the bed and throw a few on top of the sheet. Place any and all candles you own near (not too close) around the bed. Make sure all lights are turned off. The only light should be from the candles. If you can, find a fragranced candle that brings back memories of a memorable romantic time between you and your partner, such as the smell of the beach or sandlewood. Smell is the strongest sense for memory retrieval.

Set up two glasses with a bottle of wine or your favorite cocktail. Place a plate of your favorite foods the two of you like to eat in bed or find romantic, next to the glasses. Use pretty glasses and dishes.

Play music that sets the mood for the two of you. Music also addresses and heightens our sensory awareness.

I believe in a space always having a direction, even when it’s created out of blankets and sheets on a floor. The goal and direction of this bed is about creating romance in a unique way. It’s about celebrating love with our partner. Now go have fun you crazy kids! Happy Valentines Day xx