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Just launched their new Happy Hour.” After Work at TATEL” will be available MondayFriday from 6-8PM, and will offer select summer sips starting at $5, and tasty bar bites starting at $6. Fresh Heirloom Tomato Carpaccio, Crispy Eggplant with Honey Sabayon, Russian Potato Salad Sandwich,TATEL’s “Grandma Style” Meatballs, Crispy Artichokes with Iberico Ham,Thinly Sliced Marinated […]

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A New Miami Shores Restaurant Takes Diners on a Delicious and Diverse Voyage Along the Mediterranean While many restaurants boast a Mediterranean title, most usually focus on one specific area such as Greece, Spain or Italy. A new Miami Shores restaurant affectionately called Panarea — named after the second smallest island of the Aeolian chain […]

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Tired of the heat, well you can cool off with some of these ski deals and hit the slopes. It’s actually winter in parts of South America now. A city brimming with history and local culture, Santiago beckons travelers in search of a stunning winter escape this summer. From wine tours and historic museums, to […]

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The Ritz-Carlton Residences Sunny Isles invitó a un exclusivo grupo de brokers y clientes a un “VIP Screening” para la revelación del gran proyecto arquitectónico en el teatro Ipic en la ciudad de North Miami Beach. El rodaje organizado para los invitados inicio con una filmación revelando las espectaculares residencias diseñadas por el celebre italiano […]

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The American Airlines Arena (AAA) was at full capacity as expected as two of the most sought after Latin superstars would sing their hearts out in front of almost 20,000 fans. And while everyone was impatiently waiting for Enrique Iglesias and Mr. Worldwide to make their grand entrance, CNCO, a trending Latin youth band formed […]

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Colombia, un país rico en biodiversidad, privilegiado por su variedad de climas y paisajes imponentes, posee entre sus parajes exóticos un lugar mágico donde colores de ensueño se funden con la majestuosidad de la naturaleza. Caño cristales, un río de diáfanas aguas en medio de paisajes selváticos e inmensas sabanas, es quizá uno de los […]

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Durante los últimos 30 años, Denise Rubin ha ganado innumerables premios y ha establecido un estándar que la coloca entre los mejores agentes de bienes raíces en el país. En un mercado inmobiliario tristemente concurrido y competitivo en Miami, Denise Rubin se destaca como una de las principales vendedoras en la historia. Además de representar […]

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