Octubre 1, 2018


buy real propecia Musician & DJ OCTOBER / NOVEMBER 2018 Soy Hen y nací y crecí en Israel. A través de la exploración de diferentes instrumentos, descubrí que la música era mi forma de vida. Actualmente, puedes verme como DJ en The Hard Rock Casino, donde DJ y batería todos los sábados por la noche en el bar […]

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Agosto 1, 2018

ZACHARY Actor & Performer JULY /AUGUST 2018

http://breegalbraith.com/blogs/ Hola, my name is Zachary. I have been a talent in South Florida for many years and speak Spanish fluently. I started modeling at the age of 18 and it is my honor to represent the Cuban American heritage. I am an actor and dancer as well. Performing Arts is my passion, as well as […]

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Febrero 1, 2018

Actress & Model of the Month, MEGAN

I was born in Venezuela and began my career as an actress at the age of 12 years old in my country working in well-known TV soaps and comedy shows. Afterwards, I travelled to Miami, where in 2012 I proceeded to prepare and incur the film industry in starring mostly in horror and suspense films […]

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Diciembre 1, 2017

EXCELIINA, Actress & Model of the Month, DECEMBER 2017

Hola my name is Excelina. I came to Florida from Columbia. After I attended college in Chile I moved to the United States. I have experience in radio and television. Currently I am a working Actress and Producer. I just finished my new movie/comedy entitled “Bad Actress” which is now in Amazon. In January I […]

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Octubre 31, 2017


SHENEL Hola and Happy Thanksgiving! I am a singer, songwriter, actress, dancer, and a model. I was born in Boston, MA. My Mother is Mexican and my Father is Puerto Rican. Since the day I was born I have dreamed of becoming a household name. I was born into a very musical family that inspired […]

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