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María Guadalupe Araújo Yong, conocida como ANA GABRIEL, cautivó una vez más, a sus miles de seguidores que se congregaron en el James L Knight Center de la ciudad del eterno verano, el pasado 11 de Marzo, quienes corearon al unísono los grandes éxitos de la Diva de América, tales “Quién como tú”, “Simplemente amigos” […]

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Rolled Out The Release Of Harlowmarlow Volume 1 With A Momentous Salsa Concert At El Tucan The critically-praised duo electrified the city of Miami with their musical magic during a sold-out March 10th performance at Marlow Rosado’s venue of residency, El Tucán–a sophisticated cabaret that echoes Cuba’s influence on Hollywood’s golden era, often frequented by […]

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By: Nancy Esteves There’s an Art to “Art Baseling.” With the addition of Miami Art week featuring over twenty art fairs organized simultaneously between Wynwood, Downtown and Miami Beach, every year that passes the offerings overwhelmingly multiply. I tackled it like I would have any other travel destination—mapping, planning, and I “art baseled” my way […]

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