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Los Beneficios del Cardio Por: Adriana Cataño ¿Amigos sabían que el corazón es un musculo y que para mantenerlo saludable es recomendable hacer ejercicio cardio vascular por veinte minutos de tres a cuatro veces por semana? El ejercicio debe ser moderado y no demasiado intenso. ¿Que es el ejercicio cardiovascular? -Aumenta la frecuencia cardiaca a […]

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  By: Nancy Esteves   One of the most anticipated cruise ships of the year, Norwegian Escape was officially christened by Mr. 305 himself, Pitbull in a grand ceremony, making it the first time ever he has served as “godfather” of a cruise ship. And this in not just any cruise ship– the Norwegian Escape […]

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By: Nancy Esteves Perfectly situated on Fort Lauderdale’s most exclusive oceanfront real estate, this stunning luxury hotel is a great place for a quick, yet fabulous getaway. For locals it’s just a drive away to a worry free blissful escape with no airport hassles. The W Fort Lauderdale infuses elegance and relaxation offering signature amenities […]

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Por: Nancy Esteves Hola Latinos Magazine viajó a la bella y encantadora isla de Aruba para tomar un pequeño escape en “la isla feliz”, como dice su lema. Esta pequeña islita siempre ha sido una de mis favoritas del Caribe holandés ya que tiene una maravillosa energía relajante que la hace ser perfecta para […]

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By: Nancy Esteves When we dream of a Caribbean vacation, images of crystalline turquoise waters, white-sand beaches and luxurious indulgences come to mind. There are many amazing destinations in the Caribbean that match this description but on the top of my favorite list you’ll find Aruba. For those that haven’t been to Aruba, this […]

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