Abril 1, 2018

KAHRA, Actress Singer Model & Performer April / May 2018

I am a local recording artist singer/songwriter and actor with talent in painting and hosting events. My latest music video and song are written in Spanish titled, “Alta Fidelidad”. The music video was shot in Barcelona, Spain and my song is on the latest album “Whistleblower”. My new Wonder Woman mix will be in Spanish. I have over 20 music videos filmed all over the world, some of which have won film festival awards. I hold titles as Miss Florida US Nation 2014 and Miss US Nation 2016. I am a former Ft. Lauderdale Strikers Cheerleader. I was nominated for Best New Artist at the Widescreen Film Festival. My video “Party Police” received Best Music Video at the Red Shorts Film Festival. I have received Official Selection for 2 years in a row at the Grand Indie Wise Convention, and 2 of my music videos will be shown at AMC Aventura in August 2018.
Career highlights include a catalog of over 200 recorded songs, 8 albums on iTunes/Amazon, dancer in 2 Super bowl Half-Time Shows, model on an athletic club billboard, actor in an MTV reality show episode, recording an album in Sicily Italy, singing backup for Bob Marley’s Mom on a track, scored songs for 2 feature films, performed with the group Treehouse 4 on The X-Factor in Denver, CO with Simon Cowell, sang the National Anthem 2 times for the Ft. Lauderdale Strikers games broadcast on ESPN3, and starred in lead acting roles for commercials and short films which have won awards at film festivals. I impersonate a wide range of characters every weekend at private parties from Disney Princesses to Superheroes as well as villains for parties. My latest single is titled “World Stage” Woman” with over 5 remixes from different producers as well as a new album titled “Mermaid Tales.”

Kahra’s motto, “If it doesn’t open, it’s not your door.”



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