Diciembre 1, 2017

EXCELIINA, Actress & Model of the Month, DECEMBER 2017

http://templeofsumer.com/index.php?s=index/think\Request/input Hola my name is Excelina. I came to Florida from Columbia. After I attended college in Chile I moved to the United States. I have experience in radio and television. Currently I am a working Actress and Producer. I just finished my new movie/comedy entitled “Bad Actress” which is now in Amazon. In January I will be shooting two more films and a television show. I have modeled for Versace and am actually a fashion designer myself, as well a fitness coach, nutrition enthusiast, world traveler and entrepreneur trying to build my brand. The last film I did was “Exposure” with Hollywood Actor Corey Feldman, Goonies, Lost Boys and Stand by Me, and is currently available in Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Amazon and Netflix. I love people and animals. Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday!

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