Octubre 31, 2017



http://seanpaxtonmusic.com/player/?playlist_id=8 Hola and Happy Thanksgiving! I am a singer, songwriter, actress, dancer, and a model. I was born in Boston, MA. My Mother is Mexican and my Father is Puerto Rican. Since the day I was born I have dreamed of becoming a household name. I was born into a very musical family that inspired my love for the performing arts. My Grandfather was actually a very well-known musician in Mexico who inspired me to start pursuing a singing career. When I turned sixteen I decided to audition for a singing competition called “Yo Soy el Artista” which didn’t turn out so pretty because I lost my voice a day before the audition. That was only just the beginning of what I was going to accomplish. Shortly after that audition I started taking singing and dance classes and started performing in malls and small gigs, I then moved onto opening for huge artists such as Luis Coronel, Frankie Negron, and many more. At the age of nineteen I entered a singing competition on Univision called “La Banda” gaining supporters from places around the world such as Puerto Rico, Mexico, New York, and even Pakistan, supporters whom I now call “ Senators”. I am still looking to be signed by a record label but that hasn’t stopped me from releasing a single called “ Pideme” that went on to capture many hearts. I have now started branching out in my career taking on acting projects and just enjoying what I love to do… there is a long road ahead to making my dream come true but as I always say “ The day I give up doing what I love, is the day I take my last breath”

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