Abril 1, 2017

Art Exhibit “Ever Changing Perspective” in Wynwood

source site The Inaugural Ever Changing Perspectives art exhibit will take place on Saturday, April 1stat 7pm at The Curators Voice Art Projects gallery in Wynwood. The event is created by noted photographic artist Jade Matarazzo. The exhibit, in part, draws attention to beautiful details in things around our daily environment that are missed in our high paced society. With a society that has its heads buried into cell phones and tablets, the public walks across the streets of their cities, not noticing, seeing or even being aware of the details. Ever Changing Perspectives gives a real, detailed and sometimes shocking look at things all around us. Miami is the first showing for Ever Changing Perspectives, which will show over 30 photographic works. Following Miami, the exhibit will move on to New York in May at the Brazilian Endowment for the Arts, with a final presentation in the artist’s homeland of Sao Paulo, Brazil in June.
The exhibit is curated by Sorbonne educated Dr. Milagros Bello, professor of art at the Miami International University and curator of Contemporary Art. “Jade Matarazzo visualizes the turbulence and the speed of the urban life and the deep complex human conglomerate that populates our contemporary societies. On the opposite vision, she captures the poetics of nature and the lyrical resonances of the environment,” said Dr. Milagros Bello. “I’ve gotten to know extraordinary people and objects through my camera that we, as a society, are overlooking daily and have learned that we really are all one connected unit,” said Matarazzo.


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