Febrero 1, 2017

February 2017 Actor & Model of the Month “ALEJANDRO”

I was born in Cuba I’m a pianist since childhood I have a passion for music. I play seven instruments. I was part of a Spanish rock band called Fuego and began modeling for Banana Republic at age 21. I became officially an actor at age 36. Music is in my family my Father Alex Martinez whom I admire was Nelson Ned’s drummer and Musical Director, recognized as one of the best drummers in the world by the Miami Herald. Recently I have worked on many projects in the capacity of both an Actor and a Model for many films, commercials and print such as Peroni Italian Beer, HBO movie Miami on Alert, Feature Film Cartel Heat with Hollywood Director Roger Fisher and Director David Winters. El Paseo 4 Colombian movie.Unimas Univision TV novella “ Ruta 35 “ La Costa de Oro Universal Spain TV Novela, Demente Criminal Venevision/Unimas/Univision TV novella, Alejandro Saenz lead model for his music video Camino de Rosas his evil twin brother, Bad Actress, Netflix Reina de Corazones Telemundo, Dueños del Paraiso.TV Novela Tele Undo Maridos en Alquiler TV Novela Telemundo, Corazon Valiente TV Novela Telemundo La ruta Blanca Caracol TV, HBO ballers with the rock! Burn Notice USA Network with Bruce Campbell, The Beast IFC, Pain and Again with Mark Walberg and Dwayne Johnson The Rock! Ruta 35 was a huge success I was the director of I.C.E. Homeland Security Steven Gonzales. My wish is to get involved with a charity benefiting abused children without parents and create awareness in our community that every adult today was a child once. We need to protect and help them for it is true they are the future of our country! I believe it is a great cause to fight for.

Submit your pictures and résumé to: 954-924-CAST 2278 / 305-940-STAR 7827 CASTANNETTE’S TIP: Look like your head shot when you go to a casting. Do not wear a lot of jewelry and makeup for your head shot photo shoot. “A DREAM IS A WISH YOUR HEART MAKES” By Annette Funicello

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