Noviembre 9, 2015

Ricky Martin Rocks the AAA with “Adrenalina”

By: Nancy Esteves

Ricky Martin came into Miami for his “One World Tour,” one of the

most anticipated concerts of the season with amazing adrenaline.

Looking more sexy and handsome than he ever has, Ricky was

completely surrendered to his Miami audience and put on an almost

two-hour long stunning performance. Many local celebrities were

present to see this Latin powerhouse live in concert who almost at

the beginning of the concert already had the audience shaking their

“Bon-Bon” to the sounds of his contagious music all night long.

The show opened with special guest, the reggaeton artist, Wisin who

revved up the concert for Ricky’s hit song “Adrenalina(Adrenaline)”

totally rumbling the Miami Airlines Arena.

By the number of Latin American flags representing different

countries, it was certain that the performance had a very large

attendance by the local Latino community.

Speaking directly to the public, Ricky set the tone for his


“Try to forget about all of the issues in life. Be yourself tonight “”

Allow yourself to feel – that’s what I’m here for. I’m going to leave my

soul on the stage.”… Wow, Ricky was totally inspirational…

During “Livin ‘La Vida Loca” – Ricky came on stage mounted on top of

a Mustang convertible, in Elvis Presley style. The audience did not

stop dancing all night with his hit songs, “María”, “La Bomba”, “Por

arriba, Por abajo” and “Pégate”. “Vuelve”, “Adiós”, “La Mordidita”,

“Tu Recuerdo”, and “Disparo al Corazon” were some of the

audience’s favorite tunes. “Por Arriba, Por Abajo” was an audience

integrated dance-along. And of course everyone had to sing-along

with Ricky “Vuelve” and his romantic tune “Adios” and “The Cup of

Life / La Copa de Vida” –the show offered great Broadway-style


And the unexpected powerful statement:

Before more than 15,000 fans at American Airlines Arena, Ricky sent

an important message to Donald Trump and asked Latinos in

America to “be united” and “not let anyone subject us.”

“In this country, without us … no one goes to the White House,” he

said in reference to Trump’s recent anti-immigrant commentary.

A very touching presentation:

His emotional rendition of “Asignatura Pendiente” was the preamble

to the presentation of his Ricky Martin Foundation, which for years

he has passionately fought against worldwide human trafficking.

But Ricky left us all in the city of 305 with just a bite “una mordidita”

of his music, still longing for more of those Ricky Martin magic

concert moments…….

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