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Madonna “Rebel Heart” unleashed

By :Nancy Esteves/

Rebellious, influential, vogue– the legendary 57-year-old Lady M still stands up to the title of Queen of Pop after 30 plus years and looking amazing.
Madonna Louise Ciccone is her own greatest work of art. This Icon has transformed, challenged, provoked, and reinvented beauty, fashion and music with her unique and audacious style.
Consistently controversial, she was responsible for giving feminism a makeover throughout the Eighties, shattering sexual boundaries and challenging social and religious traditions.
Media-savvy Madonna made her mark by making headlines– whether it was by reinventing her image, infuriating the Vatican, outraging conservatives, or fighting for self-expression, gay rights, and human rights in general.
Now she charges full speed ahead with her latest invention and unleashes– “Rebel Heart” and of course, in outlandish Madonna fashion.
And for many of us fans waiting to see the Material Girl in concert in Miami September 29 and 30, to kick off her 35-city “Rebel Heart” tour, we will have to patiently wait until January 23 and 24.
Madonna told press: “As my fans already know, the show has to be perfect,” Madonna said in a press statement…I can promise you this show will be worth the wait.” And many Miami fans are patiently waiting as Miami loves Madonna, and Madonna loves Miami.
She was a significant part of Miami in the ’90s, and her presence arguably made Miami the celebrity hotspot it has since become.
Madonna bought her Coconut Grove villa (north of Vizcaya and down the street from Sly Stallone) for $4.9 million in 1992. In July 2000, it sold for $7.5 million to a dog. Gunther the German shepherd (and head of Gunther Corp.) It’s an amazing story itself…
One of Madonna’s favorite South Beach hangouts was Blue Door at the Delano Hotel in the mid-’90s. Her daughter Lourdes was actually christened at St. Jude Melkite Catholic Church in downtown Miami in January 1997.
Photographs taken of the celebrity in Miami was instrumental in giving the city its celebrity status.
Hola Latinos Magazine Photographer — a Madonna Paparazzi– actually sold a photo of Madonna for $45,000.
Our staff photographer, Lenny Furman, tells us the story of his first Encounter with Madonna…
“April of 1997 at 4 am, Madonna was arriving with her friend Ingrid Casares at the grand opening of club Liquid, a most goddess moment of a major celebrity walking in front of me, nervously I clicked my camera rapidly and got three beautiful images, and that was the image of the first major celebrity that I ever got published in American magazines such as Cosmo, Red Book, and Good Housekeeping. She was wearing a peticoat making a fashion statement.
After that I became hooked with going every weekend to South Beach to photograph more celebrities. I followed her when she was living in Miami and for years after when she came down for concerts; in fact, I made over $45,000 on just one image of Madonna.
Once I got hooked on the adrenaline, my paparazzi addiction kicked in. For the next 7 years I photographed over 500 celebs and published photos in 40 international magazines,” he said.
Exclusive image of Madonna and friend Ingrid by Lenny Furman
First photo of Madonna taken by Lenny
Madonna Daughter Lourdes Leon is half Cuban
Her father Carlos Leon is Cuban. She may follow mom’s footsteps. Lourdes and mom partnered to launch the Material Girl clothing line in 2010, which is inspired by Madonna’s legendary 1980’s looks. Lola, as they call her, is also a published author and in 2003 mom and daughter co-wrote a children’s book. The two released The English Roses, which was partially based on Lourdes. And she also sings! She has contributed background vocals to Madonna’s MDNA album!
Madonna before Miami
She rose from New York’s club scene where she first started in her career. She grew up in Pontiac Michigan, raised by her dad at a very young age as her mother died from breast cancer. She attended the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance before moving to New York City to pursue a career in modern dance. Living in a measly apartment on the sketchy Lower East Side, her dream was to become a professional dancer.
It’s 1982, and under the lights at Danceteria, 30 West 21st Street, New York City, Madonna Louise Ciccone produced a demo track and the club DJ takes it to Sire Records, who signed Madonna to a two-single deal; the rest is history.
Who’s That Girl
Madonna has sold more than 300 million records worldwide and is recognized as the best-selling female recording artist of all time by Guinness World Records.
But her fame and fortune was not just limited to music. Madonna’s popularity won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress for Evita (1996). Her other ventures include fashion design, books and filmmaking. She founded entertainment company Maverick (including the label Maverick Records) in 1992 as a joint venture with Time Warner. In 2007 she signed an unprecedented $120 million deal with Live Nation.
Flashback into the past:
Most Controversial Moments
One things for sure–Madonna’s innuendos have never been an exercise in subtlety. Many of us may remember…
Videos’ images of burning crosses in “Like a Virgin” prompt the Pope to ban Madonna from appearing in Italy.

“Justify My Love”, her most controversial video of all time, is banned by MTV it from the network for including homosexuality, sadomasochism and extreme promiscuity.

– “Erotica” album, was banned from networks, “Deeper and Deeper,” “Fever” and “Bye Bye Baby” were all provocative pop hits.
– “Sex,” her book, was loaded with erotic photos, including multiple nudes of the singer engaged in graphic sexual acts.
German prosecutors threatened to sue Madonna after she performed “Live to Tell” while standing on a cross and wearing a crown of thorns on her “Confessions” Tour.
The Blonde Ambition Tour’s simulated masturbation scene during “Like a Virgin” has lived on thanks to the 1991 documentary “Truth or Dare.”
-Madonna flashed various body parts during her performances of “Human Nature” and “Like a Virgin” on the “MDNA” Tour in Istanbul.
-During the Puerto Rico stop on her “Girlie Show” world tour, Madonna rubbed the country’s flag between her crotch and received official condemnation from the nation’s congress.
New album “Rebel Heart”
“Rebel Heart,” probes some of the more audacious moments of her 33-year career.
In many ways, Rebel Heart, her 13th studio album, is the definitive title for a Madonna album, as far back as childhood she was known to be rebellious.
To create “Rebel Heart,” the 57-year-old collaborated with Diplo, Avicii, Kanye West, Nas, Nicki Minaj, Chance the Rapper, Mike Tyson, Toby Gad, DJ Dahi, Ariel Rechtshaid and Ryan Tedder over 18 months.
The album is Madonna’s best in years. From the first single’s gospel-infused empowerment song, “Living For Love” to ballads like “Devil Pray”.
“Rebel Heart, mixes fun dance tracks with bitter recriminations such as “Unapologetic Bitch.” Then statements tunes: (“Iconic,” feat. Chance The Rapper & Mike Tyson); “Bitch I’m Madonna” (feat. Nicki Minaj).
“Joan of Arc,” a ballad about criticism. And the piece of resistance–the provocative tune “S.E.X.,” which sets a list of bedroom tools (“Twisted rope, handcuffs, blindfold, string of pearls”).
And the Video—“Bitch I’m Madonna”
Features guest stars: Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus, Diplo, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Rita Ora, Chris Rock and Kanye West along with fashion designer Alexander Wang and Madonna’s sons Rocco and David, the “Bitch I’m Madonna”.
What’s Next for the Cone Queen…
Rumor has it—a reality show. Maybe she’ll do a replay of the scandalous Drake smooch? Who know what Madonna will do next…

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